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A’s Fish & Chips restaurant which is based in Elmvale, has been serving Lunch and Dinner for over 11 years now, and we feel like we have let our customers down by not sharing the amazing food we feature on the menu. Fish and chips is the base of our sales but we also have souvlaki and homemade burgers, which are also popular items on the menu. A’s offers 7 Combos and a “Haddock special” daily which includes a piece of Haddock, fries, and a pop, tea or coffee for either dine-in or take-out. Take-out menus are available at the counter.

A’s was previously owned by Emmanouil (Mike) Koulloris, but was recently purchased by new owners Helen Michalakos and Jean-Pierre Hurtubise who reside in Collingwood. Helen has been in the restaurant business for just over 19 years and Jean-Pierre just over 3 ½ years, and with their restaurant experience we believe that we can increase the business by working hard, and bringing in new ideas. Helen and J.P. decided to move to this area from Ajax not long ago, as they wanted to get away from the hustle of the busy and expensive life of Toronto, and saw an opportunity when it just happened that the previous owner was selling. “We were planning on moving to the Collingwood and we heard of this location, so we decided to continue in the restaurant business and buy A’s Fish and Chips as it seems best suited for us,” says Jean-Pierre.

The business is already successful so their goal is not to change the establishment, but rather make some improvements that need to be done with maintaining the business from cleaning and restoring items, etc. We will see what the demands of our customers acquire, as we like to keep the place in good standing order. “Our main priority is to please and keep our customers happy, and support our surrounding neighbors,” adds Helen.

Currently there won’t be any changes made to the menu as our customers seem happy with their food, but hopefully in the near future we can add a few things that our guests can try and enjoy. Jean-Pierre has already started a Facebook page and he hopes to attract more customers this way in the near future that can taste their amazing food. There is no online menu at the moment but as we continue and see what the demand is, we will adjust accordingly to the demand in the future.

When talking with our customers their feedback was always “excellent food and very friendly staff.” Having worked at the restaurant as a waitress and in the kitchen for the past couple years, I have gained a lot of not only work experience, but also good customer service skills. As a waitress at the restaurant, I believe that pleasing our customers is our number one priority. Team work is crucial in this business in order keep things organized and running.

Next time you are in Elmvale, make a stop at A’s Fish and Chips located at 34 Yonge Street South. The phone number is 705-322-6484.

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