Trusted Professionals You Can Rely On 
to Keep Your Busy Lifestyle in Check

When it comes to buying or selling a home, we can always use a little help from the trusted professionals who can
make the process more manageable. The individuals and organizations listed here are the ones I highly recommend for
any of your home ownership and lifestyle needs. And when you do contact them, please remind that Terri Ewing sent you!
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Law Firm

Lysanne Cholette / HGR Graham

HGR Graham Partners LLP was formed on January 1, 2012 by the merger of two law firms with long and distinguished histories in Central Ontario, Hacker Gignac Rice LLP and Graham Partners LLP. The Law...

Denis Parent / Wasaga Law

  Wasaga Law was formed in 2012 when Denis Parent and Cecile Applegate, two lawyers who worked in the same firm, went out on their own, shared offices, and merged their practices.  They...


Randack Custom Built Homes

New Custom Home Construction by Randy Timlock Tarion New Home Warranty Registered We have one home that will be ready for December possession. Talk to Terri about it today. Contact Terri Ewing about...