Getting Around

Getting around the area can be very easy if you know what we have for transportation.


The NEW Clearview Transit

NEW!  Clearview Township is excited to announce the launch of the new Clearview Public Transit service starting on November 21st, 2016! The transit service operates one bus serving Stayner with a connection into Wasaga Beach. Click to open the public transit map: Transit Map

Collingwood residents can now call Ace Cabs when they need an accessible shuttle ride around Collingwood and area. As of April 9,2015 the local taxi company began offering on-demand accessible transportation within the Town of Collingwood. Hours of service will now be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and users are no longer required to pre book the service at night. Rates will continue to run on a meter, as governed by the Town of Collingwood Taxi By-Law. Service area will cover Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Clearview Township and Wasaga Beach. Additional destinations are available upon request. For service, please call 705-445-3300 and follow the prompts for shuttle service, or email dispatchacecabs@rogers.com.


The Link

The Link between Wasaga Beach and Collingwood operates on a continuous loop, Monday to Saturday *6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  *The 1st pick up departs Wasaga Beach at 6:30 a.m. The bus leaves the Collingwood Bus Terminal at 100 Pine Street on the hour and returns to Collingwood from 45th Street, Wasaga Beach on the half-hour. A Collingwood-Wasaga Beach Link transit pass has been established for a cost of $40.00 per month. Single rides will remain at a cost of $2.00. In addition to the Collingwood-Wasaga Beach link transit pass, a Universal Transit pass has been established for a cost of $120.00 per month providing riders with unlimited monthly access on COLLTRANS (Town of Collingwood’s transit system), the Collingwood-Wasaga Beach Link and Wasaga Beach Transit.